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We work a large part of our lives; employed by an employer, as an entrepreneur or as an independent professional. This provides us with a lot of benefits such as pleasure, colleagues, income, status and a position in society. But working also involves risks that can threaten our safety and health. Anyone who wants to know more about this is in the right place on this website. I would like to share my knowledge and experience as a company doctor and occupational disease specialist with you.


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Forging the iron when it's hot

Want to know more about the health risks of working in the heat? Read the E-book for a detailed introduction

forging the iron when it is hot

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Working with inert gas can end badly

Working with inert gas can end badly

An inert gas is a gas that does not enter into chemical reactions with other substances or materials. Examples of this are noble gases such as Xenon or Argon, but also nitrogen. These gases are used in various places and for various applications. Now inert sounds quite passive and innocent, but because these gases displace oxygen, they can be life-threatening, especially in small spaces.... Read more
Broken heart in the work

Broken heart in the work

In May 2019 I wrote for Occupational Diseases News - the NCvB newsletter - an article about work-related Takotsubo cardiomyopathy under the title "Broken heart for the class". This describes the case of a teacher who is admitted with heart complaints after an argument with her supervisor. Plays it... Read more