About me

This is about me and my passion to share knowledge about the subject that I have been working on throughout my entire working life. It is not so much about me as about what I have to offer.

We work a large part of our adult life and reap the benefits of it. Especially if it is healthy and safe work.

But work can also threaten us and even make us sick. These are the side effects of work that we would rather avoid.

Knowledge and insight is needed for this. We need to know what can threaten us, but also what we can do about it.

In these fast and digital times, our first reflex is to look for the answers to our questions on the internet. After all, an unimaginable amount of information can be found there. In practice, this is especially sufficient for simple questions. But when you have to pass judgment or make a decision on a complex issue, it gets tricky.

Then you might seek help and advice from someone with specific knowledge. Professional advice from someone who can interpret and adapt information and knowledge from all sources and adapt to your situation that you get a useful answer.

About me

I want to be someone like that ...

I've been working on the subject of work and health since 1982. Successively as a company doctor in various companies, as a freelance journalist writing about work, health and everything related to it and as a medical researcher at the Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases, Coronel Institute for Work and Health at the AMC in Amsterdam.

Know what I did before?

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